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Carzana Interiors is a 4th Generation family business. Charles Britt started the family trade off just after the first world war when he and his partner Walter Kemp took over the business of George Bottin to form Britt & Kemp in Bexhill, East Sussex. Anthony Britt, Charles' son started working in the family business at age 14, and is still on hand with his years of expertise today at almost 93!! Anthony went on to form A & J Britt Upholstery with wife Joy and when Charles decided to retire Britt and Kemp was absorbed into A & J Britt. Elizabeth Britt was brought up in the family business and was learning the skills from mother Joy from when she was old enough to walk. After a brief spell as a chef and other jobs she came back to re-upholstery and soft furnishing when she married husband Chris Carzana and went on to form Carzana Upholstery in the late 80's. Having formed close ties with a number of interior designers Carzana Interiors grew to cover the south east and Carzana Upholstery set up Forstal Furnishings at Forstal Farm in Lamberhurst in the late 90's which is where we are still based today. Liz's son Michael Carzana, also growing up in the family business, was always helping to strip furniture or hand sew covers and covered his first wing chair at 14. After studying Aerospace Engineering  at university and after a spell working with one of the countries longest running airlines he decided to work alongside the family business making and supplying curtains and blinds. It was in 2008 that the 3 divisions of the family business decided to combine and work under the family name of Carzana Interiors, which is where we are today. Going forward, now Michael's brothers Richard and Nick are also involved, Richard with the upholstery side of the business and Nick taking care of the woodwork and framing. And with the next generation coming along, maybe Michaels son will get involved if he shows the same attention to detail that has run in the family so far.